VitrineMedia is a leader in point of sales visibility both in France and worldwide.
We are constantly looking for new partners, who share our goals and brand values, to join the VitrineMedia network.
Being a part of the Global Alliance means…
  • Choosing a powerful partner with certified experience
  • Relying on the international success gained by VitrineMedia over more than 10 years
  • Combining independence and experience sharing
  • Entering successfully into a new business
  • Benefiting from readily available information, activity management, tools, products, training and advice
  • Increasing your chances of success

Ensure initial and continious training for yourself and your team on sales and technical aspects.

Implement marketing strategies throughout the year in order to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Assist you during the first sales meetings and through the following key steps.

Provide you with our logistics and production infrastructure.

Regularly renew the product range and innovate in order to keep-up the brands’ dynamic.

Offer constant support thanks to our teams and the expertise of our various services: procurement, research and developement, marketing and sales.


Become a true VitrineMedia embassador

Align with our brand image and apply our concept pillars: quality service and products

Satisfaction guarantee for our clients :
– Be attentive and available
– Provide irreproachable quality and service

Keep the information provided confidential. As with all VitrineMedia Global Alliance members, the partners as a whole are expected to honor confidentiality (namely information found in the technical and sales anotations) and the copyright clauses.

Participate in the VitrineMedia Adventure
Because VitrineMedia’s success depends above all on the unwavering quality of its’ services and our clients satisfaction guarantee; we take pride in finding partners who share our standards and are able to benefit from our brand’s value.
So why not you?
We are very proud of the exceptional opportunity we are offering. We make great efforts to provide all the necessary tools and knowledge required to develop a sector with a very high potential.
Low start-up costs, long-term training, openess and availability are the factors that contribute – amongst other things – to the strength of the concept.
Thibault Guillaume
Founder & CEO
Members’ Guide
In order to become a VitrineMedia Global Alliance member, multiple criteria must respected:
  • Be a POWERFUL partner with recognized experience
  • Be 100% invested in this new endeavour
  • Be recognized for your professionalism and sales skills
  • Have an excellent connection with clients
  • Know how to keep clients
  • Know the area you are prospecting
To be contacted by one of our developement agents as soon as possible, please fill-in all of the fields in the form below in as much detail as possible.
Becoming part of the VitrineMedia Global Alliance is about putting all your chances on your side in order to later be referred to as a leader on the LED display market.