light and play afficheur dynamique vitrine lumineuse led
In anthropology, the term ‘totem’ hides a different meaning. In the domain of communications, however, it defines an object used to share a promotional message. But what is it, exactly ?


The dynamic display totem consists of a small signage emblem with the aim of driving attention to its promoted content. It is composed of a screen supported by a vertical stem and a round or square-shaped base. It is generally placed at the entrance of premises or inside a large retail store. Its most efficacious use, however, consists in installing it at a storefront window. Most screens are multi-purpose, in the sense that they several display units can simultaneously appear.
vitrine dynamique lumineuse led light and play
cadre dynamique suspendu light and play


Several categories of totems exist. These vary depending on dimension, used material and shapes. Some are designed for outdoor use, while others are best adapted to inside display. There are also stationary or movable totems. Even though non-illuminated variations exist, the tendency seems to prefer backlit totems. We also have single or dual display models, with dynamic display totems being the most popular on today’s market. They have the particular characteristic of presenting image or text in the form of a scrolling mechanism or an animation, just like for a traditional television. You will be able to choose the appropriate device that best fits your needs.


Generally speaking, current prototypes are movable, offer flexible frames and are easy to set-up. Their installation avoids the appearance of cables and wires, as they are smartly hidden away inside the totem. With a LED lighting system, they are cost-effective in terms of energy consumption. The dynamic nature of the display greatly contributes the power of a conveyed message.
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
backlit paper led display vitrinemedia
The dynamic display totem is an efficient device to perform a promotional campaign on the point of sale. Whether to sublimate your storefront window or for indoor decoration, this device will serve you well.
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