I would like to be contacted by a sales representative.
Please fill the form and a Sales Representative for your region will contact you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.
What kind of services do you offer?
A team of specialists (engineers, designers, logistics, technicians, graphic artists, sales representatives, telephone operators…) can assist you on a daily basis thanks to:
– Our window display simulation tool, www.vmplans.com
– Technical support and after sales service, which can be reached on
– Access to our online boutique where you can purchase consumables such as special backlit paper, a unique tool which guarantees high visibility, but also a number of special offers on various products.
What lit display models do you offer?
VitrineMedia offers to install your LED Display windows in a number of  innovative ways thanks to the different LED Display ranges for selection: VM TWO, VM ONE, VM DOUBLE C2 MAX, VM NEW I MAX. You can also equip your in-store spaces thanks to our VM TWO CLIP, compatible with the VM DOCK, VM WALL, VM KIOSK and VM STAND ranges.
Our models are all certified and patented, and take advantage of our latest LED technology for maximum luminosity. For more information, please take a look at our product brochures.
How can I create a simulation to equip my store window?
Our online simulation platform, www.vmplans.com gives you access to a large range of possible lay-outs. Log onto the platform using the password that was  provided and accept the general conditions of use in order to have full access to the service. If you have trouble signing-in, try switching web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are the most commonly used). If you are still unable to connect, please send an email to contact@vitrinemedia.com
Where can I go to see pictures of agencies you have already equiped?
Today, VitrineMedia is the leader in LED Displays for real estate agencies. We have over 40,000 agencies equipped throughout the world. Take a look at the “Our Best Work” page. You can also contact your Sales Representative in your area. He/She will be able to direct you to agencies we have installed in and around your area.
I would like to order products or services
Nothing could be more simplier! Contact your Sales Representative for your area in order for him/her to set-up your display window to match your requirements. You can also visit our online store using this link and access our services and products online in just a few clicks. Your order will be delivered within 48H.
What happens once I place my order?
Once the order is approved, you will be informed of the status of your order via email, until the order is delivered to you or installed. You can track your order with the shipping tracking number we provide.
For all additional questions, contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Care Service at
If you have any questions regarding the billing of your order, you can reach Christine on or via e-mail at christine@vitrinemedia.com, Monday to Friday.
I am having technical difficulties.
Our Customer Care Service is available to answer all your questions. Please contact them by phone on or via e-mail at sav@vitrinemedia.com
Guarantee and Maintenance
To ensure you get the best use out of your display window over time, VitrineMedia provides a Customer Care Service. Our representatives are available to answer any technical questions, Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm or at any time by filling-out this online form. If it is necessary for us to take action, we will send out a technician located in your area.
How do I become a partner ?
VitrineMedia works in France and across the world with strong partners who share our ambition and values. Whether you are sign writer, printer, electrician, Ad agency …etc., please fill-out the online form and we will contact you to evaluate how we can collaborate together.