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The global pioneer in backlit LED and LCD window display manufacturing for professional use. We will help you grow your brand’s visibility through your window display and increase foot traffic into your stores.


Your message is important, make it shine

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You are unique

Our range of LED displays and LCD screens know no limits. We will do everything to meet your every expectation and need.

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We have been keeping up with innovations since 2009, for you and your businesses.

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Our LED & LCD displays will allow you to bring out emotions in your customers using lights and colors.

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Our commitment

We are by your side throughout the entire process, from inception to delivery. Helping you care for it and optimize its performance.

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Next Reality
With over 10 years of experience, we continue to offer a unique experience, tailored to your every need.
Our team of certified professionals will go above and beyond to ensure we meet your expectations and that your new display window is fully installed when it is most convenient for you.
Your window deserves the best light!