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VitrineMedia is the pioneer and world leader in LED displays for real estate agents.
Expert in display panels exclusively dedicated to display windows, our company also offers indoor display solutions for point of sales in order to optimize wall space and the layout of the first point of contact.


Innovation is one of the fundamentals of the VitrineMedia philosophy. Created from a revolutionary idea – the dynamic LED display – VitrineMedia is constantly motivated by the want and passion to combine irreproachable products to advanced technology. Our Research and Development department regularly brings improvements at different levels: easy installation, ergonomic, durable products, luminosity…


In alignment with European and international norms, we manufacture certified products, dependable and durable. Similarly, we put all our efforts into reducing the amount of materials not environment friendly in our products, in line with the RoHS European requirements and directives. Our objective is to offer display panels which lit-up for longer and has lower energy consumption.


Our customers look for originality and innovation permanently to set themselves apart from the competition. Your display window is a reflection of your company and brand image. You will find a dependable communication media in the VitrineMedia offer, one that is in line with your brand identity and with formats which match your marketing strategy.


Light is an essential element of our day to day.
It’s based on this notion that VitrineMedia develops an entire range of LED displays from the highest to the lowest intensity on the market.